Logistics Coordinator/Trading Assistant - Fruit Industry - Stellenbosch

Saturday, 30 July, 2022
Lee-Zanne Flaatten     0824188747


    1. Arrange inspections (BIVAC, SGS, NDA, FTT Quality, Age re-inspections, target market inspections)
    2. Create client labels & communicate to packhouses and cold stores
    3. Create box-end labels when required
    4. Create consignments notes when needed
    5. Create NDA Accompany documents when required
    6. Arrange fruit to be moved between stores
    7. Arrange fruit to be put in Steri
    8. Arrange breakdown/ build- up of pallets
    9. Responsible for final check that fruit comply with target market requirements including collecting import permits from customers to ensure that pre-shipment protocol is adhered to.


    1. Allocate stock & Book vessel space
    2. Advise traders on vessels schedules & update stacks daily
    3. Make bookings with forwarders according to customer requirements & communicate consignee to freight forwarder with the updated documentation instruction (Except in the case of Middle East when the consignee information is not always available)
    4. Send Load-outs/loading instructions to pack houses, cold stores, forwarder and traders
    5. Follow up regarding Q67's and send it to pack houses and cold stores
    6. Submit shipping instructions (Shipping Instruction: SI cut off)
    7. Arrange COD and other amendments on request - Pre-loader only arrange COD and other amendments before container loaded, after loading it is the responsibility of the documentation team
    8. Complete Centrimex applications per shipment




    1. Request permits, Form M's, VO, RFI, IDF and licences from clients prior to loading
    2. Find logistics options/solution for Client/Forwarder/Depot/Stargrow
    3. Solas registration (SFM registration, pack sites & cold stores)
    4. Updated Freight & landside Tariff Masterfile monthly


Forecasting to service providers (shipping | cold stores | transporters)

Shipping forecasting to be done annually, 4 week rolling forecast and weekly forecast to each forwarder to ensure space allocation to SFM.

Vessel tracking on shipping line’s websites

Update Palbroker with tracking information

Send tracking report to traders to inform of any delays longer than 7 days

Send gated out report to traders as reminder if any containers is detained at POD.

DHL Tracking (at least twice weekly, done together with vessel tracking), update system

Trader assistance on orders

Pre-loading proforma invoices

Complete container order per container

Complete order sheet before signing off on a vessel.

Updating loading reports for EU, UK, CAN & ME

Load planner

Detailed loading report

Detailed manifest report (only apply to UK)

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