Learning Experience

Tuesday, 21 November, 2023
Xolisa Hlathi     0614598593

My name is Xolisa Hlathi am 36 years old staying in Johannesburg where i have been working as a security guard for the past 5 years until July this year 
My interest has always been into wine making for a few years now starting from vineyard harvest to making wine 
I am naturally hard working, am a fast learner who is always willing to learn and can multitask. any given opportunity to work as a grape harvest and any related work i will be more than happy to get that job offer 

I am currently available to even travel to Cape town for that offer as the harvest will begin on January this for me will be a great learning opportunity too as i am part of wwoof USA and i have already been accepted by a host in Oregon who is a owner of a vineyard there i was supposed to go for my first harvest season in September but things were not well for me even though he was ready to get me a return flight ticket i couldn't carry on with visa so we postponed for April or March next year and that will at least give me a chance to learn 

I would be happy if this email reaches a Vineyard Estate that is able to take me for that time duration 

Your reply will be greatly appreciated. My number 0614598593 and email address is hlathixolisa@gmail.com