General Manager: Groenland Water Users Association - Grabouw

Wednesday, 22 May, 2024
Lee-Zanne Flaatten    

GWUA manages and maintains water extracted from the Eikenhof dam and ensures the water is delivered to members of the association as per their water-use rights and requests.  GWUA is also responsible for the protection of rivers, water courses and water resources in the Groenland catchment.  These responsibilities includes activities such as alien vegetation clearing, monitoring of pollution and water use rights.  GWUA reports these activities and record keeping to Breede Gouritz Water Management Agency BOCMA on a regular basis.

The successful candidate will ensure overall responsibility for the smooth running of GWUA.

  1. Qualification, Experience and Knowledge
  2. Qualification
    1. Engineering degree or diploma
    2. Agricultural degree or diploma and
    3. 15 years Agricultural experience
    4. Financial qualification and 5 years experience
  3. Skills
    1. Management and leadership experience
    2. Decision making, planning and problem solving skills
    3. Ability to interact, communicate and execute at executive level
    4. Ability to work independently, accurately and adhere to deadlines.
    5. Financially competent, interpreting financial reports and producing management reports.
    6. Mechanically minded, electrical knowledge and water reticulation system understanding.
      Included are subjects such as Pump curves, energy consumption, pipe flow characteristics, pressure control, protection systems to reduce pipe breaks, pump system automation and control.
    7. Water use rights
    8. Catchment management activities


  1. Key responsibilities
  2. Management
    1. Day to day management of operations, staff and office
    2. Implement policies and operational procedures
    3. Human resource management. Includes Contracts, discipline, renumeration, heath and safety, staff well being, motivate employee performance and productivity, etc
    4. Adhere to statutory requirements including health and safety
    5. Producing monthly management reports for the board. Consisting of financial, asset, operational, water works, catchment management and statutory sections.
    6. Schedule, organise and chair organisation required meetings.
  3. Asset management.
    1. Vehicle maintenance
    2. Generator maintenance
    3. House keeping of buildings and surrounding yards
    4. Stock control
    5. Ensure adequate security measures
    6. Control of tools and equipment
    7. General asset upkeep
  4. Financial
    1. Oversee financial functions.
    2. Setting and maintain annual budget
    3. Overall responsibility for accounts payable.
      Included are sign off of creditors, petty cash and payroll. Control age analysis.  Solving any creditor disputes
    4. Overall responsibility for accounts receivable
      Included is accurate billing of debtors. Ensure tight control of age analysis.  Solving any debtor disputes.  Manage debtor agreements.
    5. Process bank reconciliation and manage payments.
    6. Obtaining quotes and motivation of extra ordinary purchases to the board
    7. Statutory compliance. Including SARS, VAT returns, IT3, PAYE, WCA, UIF, etc
    8. Stock control
    9. Diesel control
    10. Insurance is kept current
  5. Operation and maintenance of waterworks
    1. Keep the dam and water reticulation system in good working order so as to ensure members of the association receive water due to them.
    2. Day to day running of reticulation system scada control.
    3. Planning and executing maintenance of infrastructure.
    4. Effecting unplanned maintenance and emergency repairs to ensure maximum system uptime. Such as pipe, electrical and pump repairs.
    5. Day to day running of reticulation scada control system.
    6. Continues improvement of reticulation system to ensure reliability.
    7. Continues improvement of reticulation system Scada control.
  6. Catchment management and protection of water resources
    1. Monitor water quality of the waterworks and water resources to ensure these adhere to various standards. Including statutory, Global Gap and international.
    2. General supervision to uphold water regulations, prevent or respond to any unlawful act, issues or obstructions which may reduce water quality or quantity in the Groenland catchment.
    3. Control water resource management projects such as alien clearing.
    4. Control actual water use to remain in line with lawful water registration.
    5. Report water related figures to BGCMA (water regulatory authority)
  7. Public relations
    1. Actively build and maintain relationships with members of the association as well as interested parties to the association.
      Including Municipalities of Theewaterskloof, Overstand and City of Cape Town. Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS), Breede Gouritz Catchment management agency (BGCMA), Cape nature and Koegelberg Biosphere reserve company (KBRC).  Also funding organisations such as World Wildlife Fund, Department of agriculture land care, etc
    2. Attend meeting as and when required to represent GWUA interests.


Please consider your application as unsuccessful if you have not been contacted within 2 weeks.

POPIA: by applying for the position, the applicant gives permission to the company to scrutinise and process personal information shared.