Your Wine Tasting Training Partner

Wednesday, 10 July, 2024
Sheryl Kruger     +27739640694

School of Wine, based in Somerset West, offers Professional and Comprehensive Wine Tasting Ambassadors and Tasting Room Staff Training, as well as Wine Tasting Customer Environment Consultation.

We offer comprehensive Wine Tasting Ambassador training, we focus on:

  • Upskilling and refresher training of current Tasting Ambassadors and Personnel.
  • Training of new and inexperienced Personnel for appointment as Wine Ambassadors.
  • The Identification of new Wine Ambassador Candidates, their training and certification for employment within your Wine Tasting room.

Which includes: 

  • Comprehensive Wine Knowledge
  • Exceptional Customer Service Skills
  • Tasting and Serving Techniques
  • Customer Management and implementation of an CRM
  • Sales and Upselling Strategies and Techniques
  • Tasting Room Operations

After successful conclusion of our Training, we conclude with a Practical and Written Assessment. A Certificate of Excellence is awarded.

For more information contact School of  Wine, Sheryl Kruger +27739640694