Gea Procomac used complete bottling line for wine

Saturday, 22 June, 2024
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Ref: LC371

Location; Italy

Speed: 11000 BPH
Containers: Glass
Formats: 0.20 L, 0.375 L, 0.75 L, 1.5 L
Product: Spumante, Wine (Sparkling), Wine (Still)
Fill type: Isobaric

Gea Procomac Used Complete Bottling Line

These are machines that are part of a bottling line having the following characteristics.
• Bottling line speed: 7,000 / 8,000 bt/h of 75 cl sparkling wine and 10,000 / 11,000 bt/h of 75 cl still wine
• Bottling line designed for the bottling of the following formats: 20cl – 37.5cl – 75cl – 150cl

Below is the year of manufacture for each piece of equipment with the relative sale price:

1. Bortolin-Kemo depalletiser – year of commissioning: 1993


2. Gea Procomac filling monoblock – year of commissioning: 2000
Gea Procomac rinser – 54 taps
Ozosteril Gea Procomac for the production of ozonated water to be used in rinsers – year of commissioning: 1993
Gea Procomac isobaric filler – 56 taps
Cork capper Arol – 8 heads (set of mouthpieces for mushroom cap and set of mouthpieces for flat cap)
Arol screw capper – 8 heads (set of cap heads: stelvin 30×60, screw 31.5×18, screw 15×18 for sparkling wine 20cl)


3. Gea Procomac microfiltration plant – year of commissioning: 2000
Divided into:
Uniflux (Microfiltration plant)
Unitherm (Wine pumping system) – Inverter controlled lobe pump to feed the filler


4. Bortolin-Kemo packing machine – year of commissioning: 2002

5. Bortolin-Kemo carton erector – year of commissioning: 1993

6. Bortolin-Kemo divider inserter – year of commissioning: 1993

7. Bortolin-Kemo top gluer – year of commissioning: 1993

8. Bortolin-Kemo palletizer – year of commissioning: 1993
With matched:

9,Padding system Tosa – year of commissioning: 2007
10. Tosa pallet wrapper – year of commissioning: 1998

Gea Procomac Used Complete Bottling Line

Gea Procomac Used Complete Bottling Line, mixed line with bortolin kemo machinery in excellent condition.