Used Bertolaso bottling line for wine

Saturday, 22 June, 2024
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Ref: LC308
Location: Italy

Speed: 7000 BPH
Containers: Glass
Formats: 0.375 L, 0.75 L, 1.0 L, 1.5 L
Product: Spumante, Wine (Sparkling), Wine (Still)
Fill type: Isobaric
Machine hours:

Used Bottling Line for Sale Bertolaso 7000 BPH – 1999 for still and sparkling wine.

The bottling Line for Sale as a whole, considering every component, is very well maintained. Clean and without obvious or compromising signs of wear. The sparkling wine bottling line reaches an hourly speed of about 3000 BPH on the 0.75 formats.


The line starts with the Acmi automatic depalletizer model Rasar P130; with an electric roller pallet storage that manages the pallets automatically with two pallets waiting. The maximum height of the workable pallet can reach about 2 meters. The standard pallet size is 800 × 1200 with a height of 140 cm. Automatic inter-layer remover with compressed air rotating arm. It has a parachute safety system that prevents the head from going down in case there is an operator. It is also equipped with a perimeter barrier that blocks the machine in case the doors are opened.

Filling Isobaric Monoblock of Bertolaso Bottling Line for Sale:

The Bertolaso ​​Sincronia 1400 filling monoblock starts with a 28-valve internal bottle rinsing machine followed by an isobaric filler with 36 taps and ends with a 6-head mushroom cork corker, or a 4-head screw cap. It has a machine pitch of about 30 cm to allow the processing of multiple formats of different sizes. The direction is clockwise.
Safeguards are all present as also machine manuals. This line’s bottled product is wine and sparkling wine in sizes from 0.375 to 1.5 L. 

It performs isobaric filling with mobile nozzles and traditional valves. It generates a vacuum before capping.
The type of cap used is cork (straight or mushroom) or silicone with 6 heads; while aluminium and Stelvin caps with 4 heads. The size of the corker ranges from a minimum of 44 × 23.5 to 48 × 30.5 mm.


It is a 2011 model that is able to check the level and the cap, the internal product and any residues inside the empty bottle. Fully electronic with laser sensors, it can work at a speed of 7000 BPH and over.


It’s a Cames from 2000 with a spray washing system that rinses the bottle externally, brushes it and then passes it under the hot air hair dryers that immediately dry the bottle preparing the surface for labelling. 

Wirehooder and Capsule:

Next in line is a Spumante Wirehooder of the brand Nortan Minerva 60, an accumulation space for the bottles followed by a Nortan capper. It is also suitable for sparkling wines with centring, with a maximum height of the processed bottle ranging from 15 to 35 cm.

Overall mass 3000 kg; Consumption: 380 v, 15 kW, 50 Hz

Labelling machine:

Bertolaso Bottling Line for Sale has a Krones labeller from the year 2000 with a bottle lock at the entrance. It has 8 plates with a machine pitch of about 30 cm. It has a manual head and glue film adjustment, mechanical centring system and outgoing label smoothing. Has 2 adhesive stations and 3 glue stations; 8 plates, and an electric carousel height adjustment.

There is a Wrap Around manufactured by Mariani with an open case packing base, with a belt that transports the bottles by ordering them in groups of 6 and then creates the package around them after being carried on the base. The closed case continues its path on the roller conveyor to then be labelled.

Palletizer of Bertolaso Bottling Line for Sale:

ACMI Stratos palletizer from 1999 is the end part of the used wine line for sell, kept in excellent condition, which arranges the packs in such a way as to orient them on the pallet and make everything ready to be packed.

The speed of this complete line reaches 7000 BPH on standard formats; which can be reduced for formats such as 1.5-litre magnums. Sizes vary from a minimum of 0.375 L, 0.75 L, and 1 L, to a larger size of 1.5 L. Height of the processed bottle varies from 15 cm to 35 cm. This sparkling wine bottling line reaches an hourly speed of about 3000 BPH on the 0.75 formats.

Some spare parts are available for each machine in the line. The last revision carried out dates back to a year ago.

Bertolaso Bottling Line is for Sale and is To be disassembled in February 2023