Participate in a Wine and Food Pairing Experiment hosted by Stellenbosch University - R150

Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
Zandelie Trollip     021 808 9516

Do you enjoy having wine with your meals? This experiment is for you ! Join us in a unique research study to test the principles of wine and food pairings.

Stellenbosch University and Le Pommier Restaurant invite you to a special event, where we want to discover if wine enthusiasts like yourself prefer pairings that match traditional principles. During the experiment, you'll get to:

  • Taste and score 4 different wines
  • Taste and score 2 delicious dishes
  • Taste and score an array of wine and food pairings

For more details about the study, follow this link

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You are hereby invited to partake in a research study conducted by Zandelie Trollip, a Master’s student from the Department of Agricultural Economics in the Faculty of Agriscience at Stellenbosch University. 

Experiment details

If you agree to partake in this study, you will be invited to attend a wine and food pairing experience. Please note that the food options served during the experiment will include only meat dishes. There will be no vegetarian options available. The experiment will be conducted over the course of four sessions, each accommodating a maximum of 20 participants. Each participant may only attend a single session, i.e. you may only partake in the experiment on one of the following dates.

Venue: Le Pommier restaurant 
Dates: Friday 28 June, Saturday 29 June, Friday 4 July, Saturday 5 July ( You can only attend one ) 
Time: 15:00 for each session.  
Duration: The entire process is expected to take approximately 2 to 3 hours 

Experiment outline

During the four-round experiment, you will be afforded the opportunity to taste four different wines, two different meat dishes, and the combinations thereof.  
  • Round 1 (wine only): You will be asked to take a sip of each of the wines and rate it on a scale from 1 to 7, indicating your preference.  
  • Round 2 (food only): Similarly, you will taste samples of the two meat dishes and rate them on the same scale.  
  • Round 3 (pairing round 1): You will be asked to evaluate the combination of the each wine with the first dish together.  
  • Round 4 (pairing round 2): Same as round three, you will be asked to evaluate the combination of the each wine with the final dish together.  
  • Your feedback on each tasting will be collected through a tablet and a questionnaire provided at the end of the experiment. 
  • The experiment will include a survey with questions regarding your personal preferences: what kind of wines you like, what foods you enjoy eating, and how you decide which wine to pair with your meal. Your answers will help us learn more about how people make decisions about wine and food pairings. 

Booking your spot

Completing the form does not secure your spot; we will contact you to confirm your booking. Once you have completed this form, we will email you with booking details and payment instructions. Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of the R150 participation fee and proof of payment.