Food Technologist - Mushrooms - Centurion

Thursday, 4 July, 2024
Lee-Zanne Flaatten    


The following competencies are required for this position:


1. Matric / Grade 12

2. Relevant tertiary qualification in Food Safety Management.

3. Min 3 - 5 year experience in a similar / relevant role is preferable

4. Strong communication skills (written and verbal) in English.

5. Computer literacy MsOffice

Skills &Abilities,andJob Function

1. Certification to various bodies such as Woolworths:

IBL (Hygiene Audit), IBL (Ethical Audit), Farming for the Future, GlobalGAP, Pick ´n Pay(FSA)

Scheduling external audits with relevant certification body/ auditing body. Ensurecompliance to thesestandards during the period of certification/ approval by means ofinternal audits/ strong supervision

Co-ordinate audit dates for third party certification audits

Delegate relevant personnel to be involved with auditors during audits

Rectify non-conformances raised during the audits within the designated time periods

Conformed dates are set with a certification body for third party audits to be done.

Third party certification granted

Pest control management representative

• Ensure that pest control activities are performed by designated pest control company on a monthly basis.

• Ensure that all pest control records are correctly completed

• Ensure that any corrective actions provided by the pest control company are implemented

• Up to date pest control records

• Pass the pest control sections in all external audits

Documentation Control

• Ensuring that all documents have the correct version and that all obsolete documents are removed from the packing facility

• Designing and developing additional documents where necessary to comply with certification/ legal requirements

• Compliance during external certification audits

Supervision over record keeping

• Ensuring all the required HACCP and quality records are correctly completed and filed

• Supervisory role overall personnel completing records for the HACCP system and also quality records

• Verification role in record keeping according to “List of records to be verified”

• Compliance during external certification audits

Internal audits

• Co-ordination of Internal Audits for HACCP/GMP must be done every month. Internal Audit records must be kept and filed.

• Internal audits for GlobalG.A.P must be done once per year on an unannounced basis. Internal audit records must be kept and filed

• Internal audit for Pick ´n Pay compliance must be done once per year.

• Internal audits are done once per month on an unannounced basis. Internal audit records must be kept and filed

• Compliance to the SANS 10330 Standard (HACCP Standard)

• Compliance to the GlobalG.A.P Standard

• Compliance to the Pick N Pay Food Safety Standard

• Ensuring that discipline is maintained in the packing facility and on the rest of the farm

Organizing mushroom and compost samples for MRL analyses

• Mushroom and compost samples must be sent away every 4 months to an ISO 17025 SANAS accredited laboratory for MRL analyses

• MRL laboratory analyses are available and on file

 Obtaining all relevant legislation, food safety issues, legislative, scientific and technical developments and Industry Codes of Practice applicable in the country of production and, where known, the country where the product will be sold (primarily from exporters)

• Information must be requested from Certification Body every 6 months to determine latest revisions regarding legislation, technical developments and standards involved with the production and packing of mushrooms. The relevant latest revisions regarding legislation and, technical developments and standards are available.

• Evidence of electronic communication to CB every 6 months is on file.

Dealing with customer complaints

• Customer complaints must be formally dealt with using the customer complaint form in the Food Safety system.

• Complaints must be dealt within a 2-week period after receiving the complaint

• Records of customer complaints that have been satisfactorily closed out to the satisfaction of the complainant are kept on file.

Co-ordination of Management Reviews

• A Management Review meeting must be scheduled once a year to discuss the company’s business performance taking into consideration the requirements in the SAN 10330: 2007 Standard. The management review should take place in the month of August. Minutes of management reviews are available.

Training requirements

• Training in personal hygiene and the Quality Policy must be done on all staff in January of each calendar year

• Other specific training activities must be identified such as cleaning activities, general work activities and any other activities relating to the HACCP and Global G.A.P systems such as the training of QC personnel in the packing facility

• All training with regards to the Occupational Health and Safety Act specifically: “Safe handling of Hazardous chemicals” Signed training registers are available on file for all training done (this includes personal hygiene and the quality policy)

• Where appropriate, certificates for external training are on file.


Please consider your application as unsuccessful if you have not been contacted within 2 weeks.

POPIA: by applying for the position, the applicant gives permission to the company to scrutinise and process personal information shared.