Zeppelin Egg Barrel Launches - 10 000

Wednesday, 9 January, 2019



The egg is nature’s perfect shape.  The dynamics thereof benefit the production of wine and beer in that a natural circular movement of fluids occur spontaneously inside the tank during fermentation and thereafter.  Wine and beer are matured on the lees (the spent matter / dead yeast cells that precipitate after fermentation has completed) and can be enriched by the lees when it is regularly stirred – an intervention also known as “bâtonnage”.  The shape of the egg coupled with gravitational forces lead to the lees staying in suspension and thereby creating movement without human or technological intervention.

In recent years concrete eggs and even clay amphora have become popular amongst the new generation of alternative forward-thinking winemakers, but due to the difficulty of transport and the cost of production and installation it has not always proven to be a viable option.

Wood barrels are prohibitively expensive at between R10 000 and R25 000 for barrels ranging in size from 225 to 600 litres.  While oak barrels have traditionally been used for the fermentation and maturation of wine, barrels need to be carefully maintained to guard against bacterial spoilage.

Against this background, the Zeppelin was created as a plastic egg fermentation and maturation barrel based on the following guidelines:

  • Perfect natural egg shape
  • Made from food grade, high density polyethylene plastic
  • Non-transparent
  • Sturdy base
  • Retails for R10 000 or less


The past few years have seen the rise of a movement often referred to as “natural”, “craft” and/or “authentic” winemaking which basically refers to the fact that these wines are produced with minimal chemical and technological intervention.  In practice this translates to a philosophy that believes in adding as little as possible in the winemaking process. These wines are made with no addition of commercial yeasts, acids, tannins or alternative wood products and if the wine does spend time in barrel it is mainly older, neutral barrels so as not to impart wood flavours or artificial aromatics.  While this movement started in France and Italy more than twenty years ago it has only started gaining traction in South Africa in the past decade.

The egg shape as fermentation and maturation vessel makes perfect sense in the world of authentic winemaking. The egg tank provides the opportunity for minimum intervention in the cellar while also maintaining hygiene at an affordable cost.

The craft beer market is also currently booming and the plastic egg fermenter offers an affordable alternative to expensive stainless steel, whilst the shape and general look is more appealing than cylindrical or square plastic tanks.



The features and benefits of the Zeppelin Egg Barrel



Egg shape

Creates a natural vortex movement in its contents

Attractive Zeppelin contours

Made of high density polyethylene

Oxygen permeable to enable micro oxygenation

Smooth, ultra hygienic inside

Easy to clean

Zero losses due to evaporation

Made of plastic

Lightweight and easy to handle

Made of white, opaque plastic

The wine/beer is never exposed to light

Stainless steel lined inlets/outlets

Quality stainless steel taps can be fitted

Removable top port

Easy access during cleaning

Fermentation hole on top

Allows the use of a breather bung during fermentation

Two tap ports

Easy racking

South African design and manufacture

Affordable yet with striking design


600 litre, the juice of one ton of grapes



R9890 including VAT


1 x 600 Zeppelin Egg Fermenter with 25 mm stainless steel inlets for racking and draining (white)
1 x plastic top lid with bung hole (black)
1 x stand (black)
1 x plastic tap


0824136719 or 0833573864