Agricultural Technician - Fruit Industry - Based in Ashton

Friday, 26 April, 2019
Lee-Zanne Flaatten     0824188747

*Agricultural technicians must be able to control and eliminate viruses, whether indoors or outdoors, and use specialized tools to study plants and soils.
*They work closely with farmers and companies which provide tools for farmers, and a bachelor's degree in an agricultural field may be a minimum requirement for this position. *These technicians usually work during regular business hours to meet with fellow technicians, study plants, and bring them back to a lab for further analysis.

Job Description
• tasked with developing and improving ideas to make crops grow more efficiently in their environments
• run series of tests and experiments with different variables to determine which soil, bacteria, etc. is most suitable for a crop
• evaluate results and draw conclusions
• run different experiments, work in greenhouses and farms to evaluate the health of crops

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