QC Administrator - 7646

Saturday, 8 June, 2019
Zack Van Rooyen     0211804154


Responsibilities include assisting the Technical Manager & Assistant Technical Manager with administrative duties and specific audits & investigations in the factory or food safety system.



  • Organising calibration of equipment (control of program)
  • Recording and placing orders
  • Capturing of data and trending results
  • Submission of Wynland samples or any other external lab requests (request documentation).
  • Recording of results received from external labs (Wynland, Milkolab, Swift)
  • Assisting with investigations of non-conforming results and follow-up
  • Assisting with stock control and culture make-up admin duties


Food Safety/Quality System

  • Document and record control (this will include updating of documents as per request from Managers).
  • Typing of and updating Policies & Procedures.
  • Control of audit program
  • Do bi-weekly traceability audits with the assistance of area managers
  • Do weekly factory audits (quality/food safety control)
  • Administrative duties of Non-conformance system (including audits done)


Customer/Client communication

  • Assisting with Customer care line (taking customer complaint phone calls)
  • Ensure Customer complaint are logged, investigated and feedback given to customers.
  • Assist with trending information of customer complaints
  • Assist with completing of client request documents (questionnaires, specs, sending of certificates).


Receiving/Supplier control:

  • COC/COA control
  • Request/Updating of supplier documentation


  • Ensure new suppliers are controlled (request documentation)
  • Information control of raw materials and packaging for new products (specifications)
  • Assisting with product specifications on WW FPI system.
  • Set-up of Quality Contracts and QAS’s for each product


  • Capturing and trending of water and electricity use


  • Filing
  • Minutes of meetings (if required)

Please email a most recent CV to payroll@konnekt.net.za