Agricultural Chemical Researcher

Tuesday, 23 July, 2019
Simone     0218722648

Our client in Wellington is looking for an AGRICULTURAL CHEMICAL RESEARCHER to join their research team.

This is a challenging opportunity in Wellington for someone pursuing a career in the research and development of plant protection chemicals.

Projects are developed by the researchers, field work is done, results are interpreted and scientifically based reports are written.


-The successful candidate must be dynamic, intelligent, energetic, innovative, a perfectionist, self-motivated, be able to work independent, has integrity and be able to work easily with clients, staff and colleagues. 

-The person must also be physically able to do the fieldwork himself / herself. 

-A relevant qualification is required with experience in research and scientific reporting. 

-It will be to the candidate’s benefit if he / she have knowledge in at least one of the following: Plant pathology, Entomology or Weed science. 

Interested parties can send a short CV to Simone at

Salary between R12 000.00 and R15 000.00