Looking to plant a perennial crop OR want to have insight in your Soil?

Wednesday, 28 August, 2019
Damien     0825630698

We offer a different type of insight into soil!!

We use EMI (electric magnetic induction) to identify soil variation per meter of soil in three different depths 25, 50 and 90cm. 

Want to establish a vineyard, orchard or any perennial production block...Look no further!

By determining the different soils with different textures and water holding capacities. We can help with precise irrigation layout, planting rows, cultivar selection as well as drainage lines for heavier soils. Our aim is to establish or rectify production blocks to be as homogeneous as possible.

Perennial crops as we know are a long-term investment and can hurt when not approached properly.

For more information contact Damien - 0825630698 or send me a mail damien@revolutesystems.com

Thank you and happy farming!