High Pressure Optima Steamer for sale. Perfect for cellar/barrel cleaning - 107 000

Friday, 27 September, 2019
Enrique Miller     0823359125

Selling my Optima Steamer DMF. The DMF is perfect for mobile steam cleaning around cellars, bottling plants and wine barrels. The advantages of steam is that it uses a fraction of the normal water consumption as well as kills all bacteria. The machine is highly effective in removing stains, mold, fungus, and any over-run mess produced in a cellar. 

My machine is basically brand new with only 77 hours running time on the clock. These machines aren’t cheap as they are fully equip industrial machines and made for heavy duty cleaning. Machine comes fully equipped with all necessary hoses and cleaning attachments. 

Please contact me on 082 335 9125 or email me at enrique.miller64@gmail.com for any further inquires or send me your email for a copy of the product info where more information on the machine is disclosed.