Tasting Room Runner

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019
Stefan Reinmuth     021 885 1618

Purpose of Job:

To assist and support The Tasting Room Staff - through back-of-house and ancillary functions - so they can provide guests with the ultimate wine tasting experience.

Key Performance Areas:

1. Service - during opening hours
2. Preparation - before and after opening hours
3. Other support


  1. Service – during operating hours
    1. Setting up for wine tastings (glassware, spittoons, water carafes, water glasses, menus)
    2. Preparing snack platters (platters are assembled by shaving cheese using a girolle, and placing on the platter with crackers and olives, in a standardized manner)
    3. Making coffee/tea for guests
    4. Convey messages or requests from guests to tasting room staff as required
  2. Preparation – before, during and after operating hours
    1. Clearing tables after tastings (removing all glassware and utensils to the kitchen for cleaning, wiping down tables)
    2. Washing and polishing glassware (packing and unpacking the dishwasher, polishing glasses)
    3. Assisting with preparation of the tasting room for the day ahead (including, but not limited to moving stock, replenishing menus, tidying up displays etc.)
  3. Other support
    1. Assisting guests with requests or queries
    2. Assisting guests with carrying purchases to their car
    3. Keeping service areas clean and tidy
    4. Keeping bathrooms tidy throughout the day (including wiping down and drying basins and mirrors, replenishing hand towels, replenishing toilet paper etc.)

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