Get Results NOW Marketing Package

Saturday, 26 October, 2019
Mariana Engelbrecht     +27 21 422 0122
Cape Town  

Need to get feet through the door or sales of your products today? Yes, marketing is a long game, and it is all about building brand awareness and followers, and getting your message in front of your ideal client to build trust. But sometimes you need to get sales rolling at the end of the month, with bills looming. You need our Get Results NOW Marketing Package.

  • 1 x targeted FaceBook Advert to promote an event or offer that you want to get in front of the right audience today.
  • Advert block to use on the rest of Social Media (like Instagram/ Twitter/ LinkedIn etc). We supply the block and your regular social media person can load it.
  • FaceBook pixel installed on your website so you can target the same audience again later with a follow up offer / new offer.

Includes: Questionnaire to pin point the exact target market for your FB Advert.

- We can set daily limits for your advertising spend on Facebook (as little as R200/day) and you decide for how many days to run it.

On FB you pay for every person clicking on your advert, but by very narrow targeting we can make sure it is only seen by for instance a person that stays in the Western Cape, we know they are from the right age group and income level and have interests that align with what you are promoting. The questionnaire will help us narrow down your target audience very finely. This way you can be sure you are not wasting valuable advertising spend on anyone that do not actually qualify.

For quick turnaround, email me directly now on and I will send you the short list of requirements and expected outcomes.