4 to 5 month Wine Tourism Internship from March 2020

Monday, 28 October, 2019
Valentine BRANGER-NUDANT     0629901473

I am a French student at Nîmes in France and I would like to do an internship for 4 to 5 months in South Africa. My internship concerns wine tourism and should start around March 23rd or 30th.

I obtained a BTEC National Diploma in wine and spirit technical sales last year and I am currently studying a Bachelor's Degree in wine tourism and Cultural Projects.

South Africa is the wine tourism capital city, coming to this country is like a dream for me and would be a real springboard into my professional career and personal life.

My internship purpose is to have different missions in the wine tourism and cultural sector. I have to make analysis of customer needs, be a part of the wine touristic life of your wine estate, develop and carry different process out in this sector. I also have to know winery stakes, your work methods and the different problematics what the company faces in the wine tourism and cultural sector. That points will lead me to be able to adapt myself to different contexts and changing situations in the estate and to be very professional in a company apart from internship situation.

I am highly motivated and look forward to the varied internship which a position in this country would offer me. 

I am available for email, WhatsApp, Skype, phone interview if you need further details or discuss of the position.

Valentine BRANGER-NUDANT, 21 years old
+33 6 29 90 14 73