SPEIDEL ovoid tanks available

Friday, 8 November, 2019
Helene v/d Westhuizen     +27 82 693 8984

SPEIDEL Egg-Shaped Polyethylene (PE) Wine Fermentation & Storage tanks are differentiated from others in many ways, including;

  • SPEIDEL tanks were the 1st tanks of this type to be released on the market (initially for beer).  
  • Tanks are manufactured by a company that have been focusing on the manufacturing of value added tanks/containers for the wine industry more than 100 years. No competing producer shares this history. 
  • Tanks are manufactured without any seams, assisting with cleaning, but also improving the aesthetics.    
  • Other tank manufacturers also claim (as SPEIDEL does) that oxygen permeability is similar to a 2nd fill oak barrel,  but the SPEIDEL design also facilitates a similar ratio (as found in a 600 l barrel) between the ‘’surface area’’ and the ‘’capacity’'. Both factors (permeability and ratio) are required to approximate the micro-oxygenation effect found in 600l barrels, but not all tank manufacturers consider the ideal ratio as part of their design.       
  • The perfect ovoid base (not flat) of the SPEIDEL tank assists with vortex formation during fermentation. The vortex facilitates a natural Bâtonnage process as the lees are kept in suspension (with all associated benefits). In tanks with flat bases, this process might be negatively affected.
  • Tanks are supplied with concave support bases, allowing for easy access to the valves. The combination (tank & support base) is aesthetically good looking enough to be used as a marketing tool (unlike most others). For some of our competitors, clients have to place tanks on pallets or beams to be able to use it, but this spoils the presentation.  

Other advantages of using a SPEIDEL tank 

  • SPEIDEL PE tanks ‘’conserve’’ enough heat for fermentation, flavour & colour extraction, but do not ‘’over-heat’’ the wine. However, cooling options can be integrated to manage fermentation curves or alternatively it can be placed in temperature-controlled areas.
  • There are 2 valve openings for draining & racking and a siphon bung can be fitted for fermentation
  • The top lid opening was kept relatively small purposely, allowing for better cap management (a bigger portion of the cap is immersed when making red wines), but is still big enough to allow for easy cleaning. Further cap management is possible by pump over or punch down. However, most of our existing clients use the tanks for white wines where natural fermentation is preferred (normally without oak addition, but the tank allows for oak insertion). Smooth internal surfaces are seamless and can be cleaned with ease, allowing for interchangeable use between red and white wines. 
  • Made from food grade polyethylene, BPA free & meet FDA (US) & EU Food Safety Regulations.
  • Sealing is good enough (and micro-oxygenation controlled enough) to use as a storage tank.
  • Cost effective compared to Steel, Wood or Concrete tanks
  • No moisture evaporation, therefore no losses and no routine topping needed
  • No off-flavour compounds
  • No interference with acidity or pH of the wine
  • Delivery is included in our pricing (conditions apply)
  • We can fit valves and other fittings to client's specification in our workshop (no need for 3rd party involvement) 

 What else?

  • Capacity:  600 l
  • Many references are available
  • We have 2 tanks left from our current stock at a promotional price. To secure, place your order now, delivery & payment can be delayed to January.
  • New stock to arrive mid January, Place your order now to prevent disappointment.   

For more information please contact Helene v/d Westhuizen  (helene@cdsvintec.com / 082 693 8984) or Roseline Visagie (roseline@cdsvintec.com / 021 863 5050)