Dom Perignon Champagne Vintage 1959 - Auction House Star Seller - 5999,00

Friday, 6 December, 2019
I have an inherited bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne Vintage 1959 in prestine condition and sealed. I am needing to either sell or auction it off and it is unfortunate as if i had the choice i would rather not...

I would prefer if I could instead sell it directly as I am not in any position that has time on its side. I appreciate any/all feedback and will gladly send you photographs or any other form of descriptions you would prefer. I am aware of the market price as the member of the family to whom I was graced this prestine bottle of champagne with was a very fimilair name in the wine & spirits industry. He has since passed, bless him. 

I'll be available mostly by email otherwise mobile is also welcome. Please request number by email ...