Ethical Trade Consulting (WIETA - Fairtrade - BSCI)

Monday, 20 January, 2020
Bennii Van Rooy     0728278684

Consulting services are provided on the principles of problem solving, finding solutions, benchmarking, investigating best practices and capacity building of the systems and personnel involved.

The process typically includes: 

Initiation Meeting: Organization/Management Understanding of Requirements
Application process: Communication with WIETA/Fairtrade/BSCI, completion of self-assessment and application form.
Assessment against WIETA/Fairtrade/BSCI Benchmarks
Training of staff: E.g. Health and Safety awareness training, WIETA code awareness training
- Development of relevant policies across the Wieta principles
- Develop and facilitate completion of records as required by the Wieta Standards
- Develop Health and Safety System: E.g. Risk assessment, inspection checklists, appointment forms and work instructions
Assistance with HR issues: Contracts, Payslip developmment, Interpretation of legislation, Employment Equity etc.
Facilitation of audit 
Assistance with corrective action and uploading to respective portal.

Ethical trade is system like any other. With your commitment we facilitate the documentation and compliance matters. 

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