Looking for a Restaurant/Kitchen space to rent

Tuesday, 28 July, 2020
Dennis Strydom     0796950198

My wife (Hanna) and I (Dennis) are both chefs that have been impacted due to the coronavirus lockdown. We have been without work since March when the lockdown commenced.

I started a small hospitality consultation business in December 2019 from home, but that was placed on ice by the lockdown as well.

Currently, we are looking to focus our business on basic kitchen/cooking training for housekeepers and novice cooks at their homes as well as small scale catering.

We would, however, want to develop this over time into a small eatery/deli with the following:

• Sit down/take away eatery for breakfast/lunch and possible dinner depending on location.
• Frozen meals
• Home-made items i.e. jam, spice blends, granola, etc.
• Small event catering i.e. kitchen teas, birthday parties
• Training facility for basic cooking skills
• Cooking demonstrations

We are looking for a 30-seater restaurant building preferably on a wine farm with some traffic nearby with basic equipment, crockery, tables, and chairs.
At this stage paying rent is not an option, but we would be open to negotiate a turnover revenue % plus the normal overheads that come with running a restaurant.

With regards to the area, we are currently residing in Wellington, so we would say a 30-40km radius would be our peak area.

Kind regards
Dennis Strydom