Seeking services of experienced winemaker / production manager

Tuesday, 4 August, 2020
Cape Town  

We are seeking the services of an experienced winemaker / production manager on a adhoc basis for the services below for both local and export markets.

a. Sourcing of bulk wines both entry and premium


b. Blending of wines if required


c. Tasting, adjustment and analysis of wines


d. Completion of all documentation from bottling and production related forms


e. Handling all inbound logistics from farm(s) to Bottling facility


f. Ensuring wine analysis meets clients requirements.


g. Creating tasting note for back labels and ensuring labels are in line with local and international format regulations.


h. Handling label submission to Sawis and ensuring all requirements are in place for          local and international regulations.


i.Arranging dry goods from relevant suppliers


j. Managing quality control over production from delivery of goods, ensuring bottling facility has the correct information loaded to test checking boxes and product post bottling.


k. DOA and sawis submissions. DOA's such as BG9 or BG6, SAWIS submissions eg SAWIS6(DA32).


l. Loading on Wine on Line and collecting ( if required)  export certificates , DOL, NOL, Analysis certificates if required. 


Thank you