Half Day Administration Work

Wednesday, 28 October, 2020

I am looking for a Half Day work in the Wine Industry. Mon to Friday 08:00-13:00


*SA Wine Course – Cape Wine Academy

*Certificate Wine Course – Cape Wine Academy

*Wines of the World – Cape Wine Academy

*Small Scale Winemaking Course Stellenbosch
University (Made my own wine, 2015 Vintage)

*Diploma/Module 1 – Cape Wine Academy
*Diploma/Module 4 – Cape Wine Academy
*Diploma/Module 2 – Cape Wine Academy

*Old Bush Vine pruning Course(Old Vine Project)

Busy with the final Diploma Module 3 and Tasting exam.

I also have my own small vineyard (28 vines) at my Home. That is my way of studying Viticulture. All bush vine pruned and also different Cultivars