Route to Market Turnkey Solution at Cape Town Wine Hub

Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
Tanja Beutler     0820568825
Western Cape  

Do you need to make space in your winery for harvest 2021?  We can definitely assist!

Cape Town Wine Hub offers the following services:

-storage in bond of unlabelled and labelled wines
-transport with our 8 ton truck
-reworks - extra stickers, tissue wrap, preparing export orders, waxing i.e. all reworks
-printing of importers stickers, case stickers etc
-distribution locally and nationally
-delivery of export orders to other warehouses
-loading of containers at our premises
-completion of export documents
-all Sawis documents done in house, including Sawis 6, BG9, BG11, BG5, Retasting, Additional tests for export
-redtape consulting to producers needing assistance with stock control, Sawis documentation, Excise completion

If we can be of assistance to you, please call Tanja on 0820568825 or email