For the love of...

Friday, 13 November, 2020
Megan van der Merwe     0823648015
Western Cape  

Hi industry! I have a friend from Bordeaux that has fallen in love with the South African wine industry (and perhaps a girl) that unfortunately had to return to France during strict lockdown regulations with the COVID pandemic earlier this year. He would like to return to the land of milk and honey for the 2021 vintage (or something more permanent), and I am trying to help him get here!

He is a French graduate student with a Vine and Wine Sciences master's degree from the Institut of Sciences of Vine and Wine, Bordeaux. He has a lot of practical experience in leadership in both the vineyard and the cellar. He has also completed an internship in the Oenology Research Laboratory of Stellenbosch University - South Africa (2020), where he focused on the evaluation of phenolic extraction in grapes and wines.

He can travel here by Mid January 2021, and would appreciate an opportunity in our industry as a vintage intern, especially if there is an opportunity where he could assist the property/ company with research on phenolics and/or yeast metabolism and fermentation kinetics.

Please contact me for Paul Peronnet’s CV if interested in giving this talented young man a shot!