Elsenburg Wine Cellar is selling bulk white wine from 2020 vintage

Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
Jamie-Leigh     0815877281

To be eligible to bid for the purchase of any of the following wines, potential buyers must complete the lot list attached, complete and send through a declaration of interest (a form utilized by government to ensure that no potential buyers are receiving special favours or reaping unfair benefits from Elsenburg employees) and attach a tax clearance certificate. All these documents will be sent to you by the Elsenburg cellar if you are interested in purchasing any wine. All of the aforementioned documents must be delivered to the tender box at the security gate of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture, Elsenburg, Muldersvlei Road by Sunday, 24 January 2021 at 16h00. Any missing document(s) or late submissions will result in disqualification from bidding.   


- Own transport to be organised to collect the wine.
- No government employee shall be involved in organising transport for potential buyers.
- Potential buyers must give a 48-hour notice to the Elsenburg wine cellar before collecting the bulk wine/lees.
- Analysis and specifications of the wine/lees must be organised by the potential buyer. All buyers are welcome to collect samples for analysis if need be, however, the buyer must arrange this with the Elsenburg wine cellar at least a day in advance before the sample is required.
- All potential buyers to take note that the litres listed in the lot list below are all approximations. Buyers should be prepared to incur some loss. 
- Once a lot is allocated to a buyer, full payment for that wine must be made first before removing it from the premises. Failure to pay on time, that specific lot will be allocated to the next best available bidder.
- All buyers must supply Elsenburg wine cellar with a warehouse number before purchasing and collecting the wine.

If you are interested in bidding for and purchasing bulk wine, please respond by sending an email to Jamie-LeighO@elsenburg.com and we will attach the lot list and the declaration of interest.