Label Mountain (Pty) Ltd - bring your labels to life - on request

Thursday, 18 February, 2021
Carma Liebenberg     0833768788

Working with a wine label printing company to differentiate your productLabel Mountain, situated in the heart of the South African Winelands, offering great service, proximity to our customers - producing the finest quality labels for wine, beauty, and food brands. 

With more than 60 wine-producing companies that have wished to work with us, we focus on value creation and labels uniquely inspired by our client’s vision.

The wine, spirits, and specialty beverage market is in a period of expansion and intense competition. With brands striving more than ever to carve out a space on store shelves, the standard for high-quality, custom beverage labels has reached a new level.

We embrace the challenge and offer the full range of capabilities needed to help your product stand out. for pricing - new & existing wine label ranges

Contact:  Carma Liebenberg (083 376 8788)