Horticultural Production Manager - Nursery

Wednesday, 17 March, 2021
Anneke Viviers    

Job Description:

  • Production Manager must plan, initiate, and control the entire production and maintenance plan for the nursery.
  • Hot House Knowledge: Propagation, cuttings, seed etc.
  • Set and control the monthly production plan.
  • Manage the stock control of the nursery.
  • Ensure the quality of the stock is always maintained at a saleable level.
  • Ensure the nursery and surrounds are maintained and looked after, this includes managing all pest control measures.
  • Managing of irrigation system and computer.
  • Manage all production labour and equipment.
  • Ensure all staff are trained to do their specific tasks efficiently and correctly and in a safe manner.
  • Staff disciplinary action
  • Research new plant varieties each year to ensure stock growth.
  • Ensure as far as possible to maintain all overhead and fixed structures in the nursery, as and where cash flow allows.
  • Ensure that expenditure on budget allocations for the various cost centres remain within budgeted parameters.
  • Company Health & Safety Officer
  • Ensure all royalty payments are made and fees kept up to date.


  • Degree in Horticulture
  • 10 years of relevant work experience and knowledge

CVs can be send to anneke@exceed.co.za