General Manager | Citrus Customer Team - Northern SA

Saturday, 24 April, 2021
Lee-Zanne Flaatten     0824188747
Western Cape  

The General Manager of a given region is responsible for the identification of citrus customers, development & implementation of effective customer strategy to win citrus customers, generate revenue growth & profitability, and to align the company's cross-functional teams & other streams to deliver incremental value for citrus & other company customers.



  • Develop an effective citrus customer strategy that optimizes for revenue growth & profitability
  • Develop and negotiate an optimal business model for citrus customers to improve the predictability of purchases & repurchases
  • Track & analyze citrus industry opportunities and protect from competitor activity
  • Work with the marketing team to develop an effective citrus customer marketing strategy aligned with other customer segments
  • Develop, implement and achieve revenue & profitability targets aligned with company forecasts
  • Manage and do not exceed citrus customer and marketing budget/s
  • Actively optimize cost of customer acquisition (CAC), lifetime value of customers (LTV) & unit economics
  • Understand and optimize the citrus customer decision journey so as to minimize spend & resources and maximize purchases & repurchases
  • Implement an effective customer & marketing strategy to trigger and guide citrus customers through engagement, initial-consideration & active evaluation of the company
  • Maintain citrus customer enjoyment of the post-purchase experience at all times
  • Provide customers with required material to advocate for the company internally and in the industry
  • Bond with citrus customers and develop customer empathy
  • Manage and negotiate revenue growth and increasing profitability of customer repurchases
  • Implement optimal citrus customer organisational structure and implement appropriate sales and marketing processes for citrus customers to achieve revenue growth & profitability
  • Proactively practice and consistently demonstrate the company's core values in all aspects of the role


  • Build trusted relationships with key customers
  • Partner with the product team to uncover new customer needs and to maintain customer satisfaction so as to co-develop products with customers to serve the wider industry
  • Actively develop relationships with the citrus cross-functional team


  • Manage employee performance (setting & communication of prioritization, standards requirements and managing delivery of these OKR linked individual goals)
  • Team & employee growth: take responsibility for team and own career growth and have regular discussions with relevant role players. Ensure succession and talent management

 Customer service:

  • Customer service: maintain a high level of service to customers (internal and external) according to the service standards as set by the company
  • Technical advice and other assistance over and above the normal duties. Manage and personally resolve queries and complaints

Required Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

  • Degree
  • At least 5 years experience in sales and marketing, with minimum of 3 years managerial experience
  • Experience in citrus and technology industries


  • Proven experience in customer relations
  • Understanding of a sales cycle and process in a customer purchase journey
  • Setting personal goals and targets
  • Developing strategy best aligned to a customer region
  • Agricultural knowledge


  • Strategic planning and business development
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Excellent communication, internal and external. Ability to present to individual customers and to audiences
  • Ability to interact, communicate and execute at an executive level


  • Management
  • Communicating and implementing a vision that influences others to focus on organisational strategy and values
  • Decision-making
  • Analytically evaluating information in a systematic manner to solve problems and make effective decisions
  • Interpersonal impact
  • Build trusting relationships between individuals and teams through open and honest communication
  • Team work
  • Co-operate and work well with others in the pursuit of team goals; share information; support others
  • Internal Client orientation
  • Display passion in actively building and maintaining exceptional client relationships and providing superior service

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