Wine & Spirits Export Coordinator

Thursday, 3 June, 2021

Struggling to export your wine or spirits products, I can assist. 


  1. Label approval for export.
  2. SARS Tariff determination of product required for local and export sales
  3. How to mitigate excise duty on gin and spirits intended for export.
  4. Process for the export certificate of Gin's and Spirits.
  5. VMP (primary producer) & VMS (secondary producer) applications and SOS warehouse registration.

Support services:

  1. Contracts
  2. Commercial invoice for exports
  3. Packing list after Bill of Lading approved.
  4. Shipping terms INCOTERMS 2020; correct usage
  5. The flow of processes and documentation from inquiry to production through to booking shipping and final export.
  6. Letters of Credits and Foreign Bills of Exchange (Bank drat) if not cash.
  7. Legalisation of Documents - DIRCO
  8. Trade Credit Insurance options.

I can also assist with a wide range of export contacts globally. 
I look forward to helping you get your product out there.