Cavalli is seeking an Cleaning Supervisor - negotiable

Friday, 2 July, 2021
Amber Baron     0218553218
Western Cape  

Job Responsibilities: 

  • To ensure a clean, safe and hygienic environment is provided for the restaurant's staff, and visitors. 
  • To allocate cleaning tasks and responsibilities to cleaners and scullers to enable all cleaning to be carried out in a safe, timely, and efficient manner. 
  • Be familiar with the safe use of cleaning products, equipment, and machinery and communicate to cleaning staff. 
  • Ensure that cleaning is performed using only approved products and equipment supplied by the company 
  • Instruct cleaners with appropriate training in the operation of cleaning machinery such as polishers, vacuum cleaners, scrubbers etc. and in safe systems of work 
  • Oversee the cleanliness and serviceability of cleaning equipment and facilities. 
  • Be responsible for rostering of cleaners and scullers according to restaurant and banqueting needs. 
  • Using established procedures, keep track of all personnel time sheets of the workplace on working days. 
  • Familiarization and adhere to the Health and Safety policy. 
  • Undergo formal health and safety training as appropriate. 
  • Ensure serviceability checks of cleaning equipment are carried out by cleaning and scullery staff and that identified faults are passed to the manager. 
  • Ensure all equipment is cleaned and returned to store by cleaners/scullers upon completion of each cleaning task. 
  • Report to supervisor maintenance services need for repairs 
  • Be familiar with the contents and requirements of the cleaner’s job description. 
  • As necessary, cover for absent cleaners. 
  • Due to the size of the site the Cleaning Supervisor will have a 4 hour cleaning time and a 4 hour Supervisor time. 
  • Brief cleaning staff to ensure fuel economy by turning off lights and closing the windows in unoccupied rooms. 
  • Undergo on the job and/or formal cleaning supervision training and development. 
  • Participate in an annual performance management review. 
  • Using established procedures, keep track of all personnel time sheets of the workplace on working days. 
  • Attend regular meetings as necessary to receive (amongst other information) updates and amendments to health and safety and hygiene policy as it affects cleaning staff. 
  • Maintain a written record of cleaning materials stocks and inform manager when stock levels are low. 
  • Daily meeting with manager for any changes to nightly duties and scheduling 
  • Responsible to see that all areas are clean, lights are off and buildings locked and secure 
  • Other duties as assigned

Closing date: 20 July 2021