Mobile Lees Filtration Services

Thursday, 15 July, 2021
NJ Steyn     +27748943302
Western Cape  

Tankbottom Solutions offers mobile crossflow lees filtration services specifically for the processing of wine and fermentation lees, crossflow retentate, centrifuge sludge and other sources of potential wine recovery. The Flavy LeeStar is equipped with stainless steel membranes that can even handle high solids fining agents, including bentonite and carbon. The filtered wine is brilliant and clear (less than 1 NTU) and can be directly added back to the main batch without undergoing any additional treatment. The Flavy LeeStar system offers the winemaker an opportunity to reduce wine loss without the use of a rotary drum vacuum filter.

Quality of service:

No loss of alcohol.
No oxidation.
The microbiological stability is guaranteed.
The filtered wine is perfectly bright and clear < 1 NTU.
No colour fading.
Adds value as solids can still be delivered to alternative suppliers.

The Bucher Vaslin Flavy LeeStar 6 can afford to filter all kinds of tank bottoms:

Any kind of fining agent,
Centrifuge sludges,
Fermented lees,
Crossflow filtration retentates and
Juice lees