Sales Representative in Wine Industry - negotiable

Thursday, 22 July, 2021

We are looking for a highly experienced Sales Agent with a proven track record and 2 years experience in the wine industry to lead our wine portfolio in Western Cape. 

We are looking for a confident, self-motivated and hardworking individual, someone who is passionate about the wine industry and who can present the brands in the portfolio to a wide range of on-off trade clients. Strong networks, organizational skills, with commercial awareness and excellent communication skills will be required. 

Tasks and responsibilities 

  • Implement and drive sales strategies, brand building and brand awareness initiatives for the portfolio and its producers within the on and off-trade sector. 
  • Expand customer and partner network for the territory 
  • Be the face of the company in the trade 
  • Create and implement an annual marketing plan- detail key objectives and outline how brand sales strategies will achieve these 
  • Maximise local sales for all producers, grow volume and market share. 
  • Ensure that operationally processes are consistently applied and improved to supply the trade with service and product consistently, effectively and efficiently. 
  • Support existing clients, key accounts, appointed agents/ partners and sales teams to maintain customer relationships 
  • Resolve reported problems and issues 
  • Receive and conduct where required, wine tasting with VIP trade and customers 
  • Arrange participation at relevant wines shows in the territory 
  • Present monthly sales and progress reports for the client base within the territory 
  • Present Weekly client appointment summary 
  • Work flexible hours which could include evenings, and/or weekends or, overnight travel as required for special events and other trips. 
  • Identify and recruit new producers for the portfolio as needed. 
  • Develop and implement marketing strategies for the portfolio and its producers 
  • Develop innovative responses to market needs. 
  • Report weekly to producers, outlining a summary of trade customers called upon. 
  • Report once a month face-to-face to producers, in respect of product performance, trade condition, new listings gained, sales approached, wines presented and samples usage. 
  • Setup, co-ordinate and manage Trade shows for the portfolio.  

Promote all the producers in the portfolio through different marketing channels, Social Media, Website – instore promotions etc.