Experienced/Qualified/Educated/Professional Supply Chain Manager

Tuesday, 12 October, 2021
Deon Slabbert     +27 74 334 1964
Western Cape  

I’m offering my career experience that will make an positive change to your Organization.

I have a strong educational background and extensive experience in General Management, Operations, Warehousing, Distribution, and Retail that will make me the perfect candidate to make a positive difference in your organization. My strong leadership abilities can be utilized in a changing environment to benefit the desired outcome for the organization's strategic objectives. I have consistently received excellent feedback on my performance, which proves my strong commitment to perform my responsibilities in a professional and effective manner.

I know that I have the leadership capabilities to make a difference within the organization. I am a dedicated hard-working individual who works well independently and, in a team, with a good record of my abilities within organizations I worked before. I strive under pressure and can deliver high-quality service under extreme deadlines. I am available to any organization that seeks a Leader and not only a manager.

My qualifications and experience are:
- BA(Hons)Degree Business Management
- Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP)
- 29 years in management
- Excellent track record in Stellenbosch Farmers Winery (SFW) and Distell
- Extensive background in warehousing and distribution and general management
- Vast experience in warehouse processes
- Involvement in various projects

 My professional accomplishments are:
- Initiate DRM by piloting it and gets implemented on National level – 2016.
- Initiate and implement pick by customer concept – 1993.
- Initiate and implement slotting in warehouse – 1993.
- Initiate and implement direct ordering capturing at Telesales – 1993.
- Development and implementation of SABS management system (role out to all Distribution Centre’s after ISO accreditation)
- Obtained 5 Star NOSA rating for Bloemfontein DC

Extensive involvement in various company projects:
- Planning and designing phase of new Distribution Centre.
- SAP Warehouse management system
- SABS ISO 9001: Quality Standards
- Roadshow – Route scheduling project
- Merger assistance to various Distribution Centre’s
- Planning phase of Airport City DC
- Planning phase of WMS
- Implementation of Mini Business and presented the benefits at a Show and Tell.

My resume will give more detail into the companies I have worked for previously.