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Tuesday, 9 November, 2021
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Technical scheme of 1000L/H sterilizer

Configuration list of automatic plate sterilization unit (I) Requirements for working conditions:

  1. Material handling capacity: 5000L/H 02. Temperature combination: Process: Milk.

Viscosity <100cp, no particles

Sterilization process parameters: feeding temperature: feeding (5℃) -- sterilization temperature 110-116℃, thermal insulation 30S -- discharge 66℃. The whole process is fully automatic.

  1. Steam working pressure: ≥ 0.55mpa 4. Steam consumption: ≤700KG/H.
  2. Inlet temperature of circulating cooling water: ≤20 ° C Amount of cooling water: ≥15000L/H
  3. Compressed air working pressure: ≥ 0.6mpa, after water and oil removal treatment.

(II) Design requirements:

  1. Sterilization temperature: the touch screen panel is set freely (≤110-116℃ -30s), fully automatic control.
  2. Outlet temperature: 66±1℃ (freely adjustable, cooling water temperature plus more than 5 ℃)
  3. Heat preservation temperature and time: 30S (can be designed according to customer requirements)
  4. Working temperature of hot water: 114-120℃
  5. Equipped with automatic alarm and fault handling system, it can effectively eliminate the output of unqualified products.
  6. Realize automatic control, touch screen man-machine interface, chinese-language display operating system, constant display and alarm, real-time display and alarm of valves and pumps, human-machine interface realize formula management, real-time record of production and CIP process parameters operation events and fault alarm
  7. Automatic conversion of pee-sterilization, production and CIP process, and automatic PLC control.
  8. Equipped with CIP cleaning system, CIP cleaning can be realized automatically in situ at any time, independent of the start of CIP system of the main workshop.
  9. Simple and convenient maintenance, maintenance process only o-ring needs to be replaced, no need for any heavy tools.
  10. The manufacturing materials are in full compliance with the GMP standard of the food factory, and GTAW welding process is adopted