Filling seaming machine - 00.00

Tuesday, 9 November, 2021
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Equipment Description:

Filling Sealing Machine DPNJ18-4

This machine is suitable for filling all kinds of round cans, no more than 1000 grams of filling, filling, using plunger filling way, filling accurately. Referring to Switzerland's most advanced can sealing and filling products of the same kind, the combined machine for sealing and filling paste is designed and manufactured. It adopts the pneumatic control of automatic lower cover without the contact of the can body, and its production capacity is controlled by touch screen. It is the ideal equipment for domestic canneries of ketchup, honey, condensed milk and other products.

Technical parameters

Number of cans: 4

Number of cans: 18

Production capacity: 50-250 cans/min

Suitable pot diameter: 52.5mm-99mm

Applicable tank height: H70-160mm

Motor power: 7.5KW Weight: 4000 kg External dimension:

3100mm×1820mm×2400mm Feeding height: 1.1 m