Technical Manager - Blueberries - Paarl

Saturday, 18 December, 2021
Lee-Zanne Flaatten     0824188747

Reports to :

Head: Stone Fruit Business Unit

Tasks comprise:

1. Pre-season planning

1.1 Assist producers with preparing the crop according to our customer requirements.

1.2 Assist with getting crop estimates from producers.

1.3 Obtain customer specifications (quality & due diligence) and interpret them.

1.4 Compile Packing Guide / Core specifications in user friendly format.

1.5 Distribute it to all pack houses

1.6 Ensure spray records and Globalgap certificates etc are collected.

1.7 Compile a residue sampling plan and communicate it with pack houses

1.8 Prepare QC Agreements for communication to all customers by Commercial Managers.

1.9 Visit producers and check on crop quality

1.10 Compile Crop Update with industry estimates and email it to customers.

1.11 Assist Commercial Manager with packaging material customer base and packaging requirements.

1.12 Assist head of team with procurement.

2. In-season responsibilities

2.1 Resp for ensuring that fruit is picked & packed to spec, by visiting farms and pack houses.

2.2 Draw residue samples as required.

2.3 Check residue results and take appropriate corrective and preventative action in required.

2.4 Monitor shelf-life samples at pack houses.

2.5 Visits cold stores to check quality and handling of our product when necessary.

2.6 Respond to all technical queries from customers and producers.

2.7 Assist with / co-ordinate any Customer visits or audits.

2.8 Write bi-weekly Crop Updates for our customers.

2.9 Ensure QC reports are received, checked, captured and forwarded to producers.

2.10 Assist producers / pack houses with DAFF special markets registration.

2.11 Keep up to date with technical matters in the industry, and communicate this to the producers.

2.12 Relationship management of producers and customers

2.13 HACCP team member with the responsibility for food safety as required by the Core Fruit IFS system

3. Post-season

3.1 Compile End of Season technical / quality reports per producer and customer.

3.2 End of season review discussions with producers and customers to find ways to improve our performanc

3.3 End of season review with Stone Fruit team to find ways to improve our performance.

3.4 Visit producers and pack houses to implement proposed changes / improvements.

3.5 Assist the Head : Stone Fruit Business Unit with procurement.

4. General

4.1 Assist the Head : Stone Fruit Business Unit with day to day responsibilities