We Buy Used Bottling Equipment

Friday, 24 December, 2021
Alessandro     +39 392 456 1373

Have you decided to sell your equipment?
We will take your used machines and equipment.
Buying a brand-new machine is often too expensive, which is exactly why more and more companies decide to go with used ones.

Do you need to purchase a machine?
Do you want to increase the production capacity or improve the efficiency of your bottling line?

More efficient machines with greater production capacity can increase business and market competitiveness.
Our strong point is our turnkey machine sale service, which starts with revision and maintenance, and results in the machine being like new and ready for production. This is followed by the setting up of the transportation and the on-site assembly and test run.
On request, the machine can also be sold as-is.

Our Sales office:
Alessandro Lo Fria
+39 392 456 1373


Our Purchase office
Svetlana Demchuk
+39 344 035 4270