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Saturday, 23 March, 2024
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Vergenoegd Löw is a historical farm with a rich history and heritage dating back to 1696. It is first and foremost a high-quality wine estate with a proud tradition of producing excellent and exceptional wines.

Known for mixed farming through more than three centuries, with livestock, crops and wine – all meticulously recorded in Dutch museum records -  the present day Vergenoegd Löw continues to honour this integrated approach The whole culture and operations model centres around sustainable farming, regenerative farming, biodiversity, responsible use of natural resources, creating ecological links and synergy.

Having set the stage, it is just logical that the next step would be the appointment of a farm manager who will fulfil the vision of the company by making  a positive difference in the world with every action, interaction and approach. 

This position will suit a passionate, patient & proactive individual who leads a life of significance and purpose. Farming does not stick to office hours & challenges often require quick thinking and creative solutions. You will require very specific leadership skills & you will lean towards mentorship & guidance in order to develop a team that will share your vision & approach.

Paramount to this position is 55ha of Vineyards which you will take full responsibility for. Your duty will encompass every aspect of growing quality grapes, maintaining every connected component and nurturing a competent and confident team. You will be provided with viticultural intelligence which will support your pursuit of knowledge and eagerness to learn more.

You will be responsible for  the cattle, ducks & any other natural resources that form part of our holistic farming approach. The farm has additional land which will be applied as per the use required. Irrigation, rivers & dams need to be maintained & nurtured.

This position will head the various support teams and provide direction, structures and typical routine to ensure that Vergenoegd Löw is in a position to respond quickly, strategically & effectively to any natural & operational challenges.  This will include Security, Health & Safety, Natural Disasters, Hospitality Crisis Situations  & Daily emergencies. 

Daily interaction with the winemaker, the groundsman & the hospitality team to ensure that synergy remains on high level. You will be required to be fit, healthy and not be predisposed to lifting heavy items.              

This position has the ability to provide the right candidate with the ultimate reward of farming from your heart, using your “never-give-up” attitude and always being ready for the “boer to maak ‘n plan”.

Basic Requirements:

Substantive vineyard management experience – all inclusive from planning, execution & maintenance

Exposure to cattle farming & experience with ducks advantageous

Farm Management in general, including maintenance, labour, health & safety, dams & roads, reporting, planning

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