Wine Industry Specialist

Thursday, 9 May, 2024
Hugo Coetzee     0832907481
Western Cape  

The Wine Industry is truly a unique Industry with unique challenges that requires unique solutions.

At Mustard Seed Consulting we would love to help you overcome these challenges.

Headed up by Hugo Coetzee, a qualified Attorney, that have spent the better part of 19 years in "the belly of the beast of the Industry" gaining valuable experience in everything industry related, but specialising in Operational Management, Financial Management, Commercial Management and Systems Implementations, we bring more than head knowledge to the table, but on-the-job-hard-earned-school-fees practical knowledge and experience. 

Our involvement can be twofold:

1. Business Improvement
This will typically entail a deep dive into the following areas and coming up with workable solutions:
Legal - Contracts, Compliance, Policies, Licenses,
Financial - Bookkeeping, Reporting, Costings, Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, Financial Controls,
Operational - Strategic Alignment, Operational Synergy, Human Resource Deployment, Systems Implementation to ensure Optimal Efficiency.
Commercial - Capex Needs, Business Structure, Valuations,

2. Business Expansion
A growing business has growing needs which cannot always be effectively handled by existing resources and expertise and therefore it makes sense to bring in a specialist on a project basis. I will work closely with your management team to ensure that strategic objectives are met. This allows the business to "get on with business", whilst the project is taken care of in an efficient and professional manner.  

Contact me should you be interested.

Hugo Coetzee  
Mustard Seed Consulting
Legal - Financial - Commercial

-Doing business professionally leads to doing business profitably-