Delheim Wines - 2018 Harvest

Monday, 4 December, 2017
ALTUS TREURNICHT     0798979657

Delheim Wine Estate has one Harvest Assistant position and two intern positions available for 2018.

The following criteria are required from the candidate that applies for the Harvest Assistant position:

Must have at least four years harvest experience, will be responsible for monitoring fermentation of tanks and barrels. Must be acquainted with additions and the record keeping thereof. The successful candidate needs to be able to work under pressure and must have a passion for wine and be willing to learn. The person must also be willing to take leadership when required.

The following criteria are required for the candidates that want to apply for the harvest intern position:

Must be hard-working and pay attention to detail, especially when it comes to wine tasks. Must be willing to operate in a team environment, but also needs to function individually. Harvest experience of two years will count in the candidates favour.

Please send your CV to The successful candidates will be notified by 13 December 2017.