Vin Santo Pisoni Italian dessert wine,Trentino, Italy - 3000

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Cape Town  

5 Vintage bottles available from 1997.
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This comes from Trentino, from a rare aromatic grape called Nosiola which tastes somewhere in-between Viognier and Gewürztraminer that goes into Vin Santo di Trentino.

Vin Santo is a full-bodied, typically a sweet dessert wine with aromas of hazelnut, caramel, honey, tropical fruit, perfume and dried apricot. It’s one of those wines that sticks to the side of your glass and yet, when you taste it there’s this crazy balance between its delicacy and its intensity.

Vin Santo (or Vino Santo) is a viscous, typically sweet dessert wine made in Italy. The wine is loved for its intense flavors of hazelnut and caramel. When paired with biscotti, Vin Santo becomes “Cantucci e Vin Santo” which is inarguably Italy’s most famous welcoming tradition. What makes Vin Santo truly special is the natural winemaking process which gives it a unique taste. Made in the passito method.