Senior Administrative Officer / Art Curator - Market related salary

    +27 21 851 2683


  • Assist the Art Director with the planning, organisation of exhibitions and all administrative matters;
  • Assist in formalising new exhibitions from the permanent collections as well as formalising and managing temporary exhibitions of visiting artists.
  • Drive the marketing of the museum through the website, magazine publications and social media platforms.
  • Be fully involved in the activities of the Museum relating to administration, making arrangements, tours and exhibitions; 
  • Manage the Museum in the absence of the art director during local and overseas visits;
  • Assist the art director in keeping the asset register, insurance coverage and the relocation of artworks up to date.




  • Determining salary costs of subordinates;
  • Collection of entry fees;
  • Managing and selling of publications at the Museum;
  • Managing purchases for the Museum, as well as dealing with services delivered to the Museum by external institutions.
  • Assist with preparation of budget and insurance renewal documents.



  • The jobholder will be responsible for supervising security personnel.



  • Keeping record of artworks from three art foundations;
  • Planning and setting up exhibitions;
  • The administration of the relevant art foundations;
  • Answering the telephone – providing information relating to art and group visits;
  • Arranging invigilators’ work schedules;
  • Doing guided tours with visitors – receiving and speaking to visitors;
  • Routine duties such as managing petty cash, stationery and dealing with mail.



  • Monitoring documentation relating to artworks.
  • Providing fully fledged secretarial services to the Art Director.
  • Keeping record of the artworks from three art foundations by making use of specialised software, Logos Flow.
  • Managing entrance fees.
  • Managing and budgeting salaries of invigilators.
  • Assisting the art director in administrative obligations, as well as with the planning and setting up of exhibitions.
  • Assisting the art director with marketing of the museums.
  • Fully versed in social media and able to update the museum website.
  • Draw up quarterly newsletter.
  • Manage museum mailing and invitation address lists.
  • Doing guided tours.
  • Managing the safeguarding of artworks and the building.
  • Managing petty cash and stationery.
  • Dealing with daily administration, correspondence and telephone calls.
  • Following up and dealing with enquiries from the public relating to art.
  • Managing arrangements for group visits to the Museum.
  • Overseeing Museum and security personnel.
  • Assisting with correspondence and other assignments as instructed by Art Director.




  • Degree in Visual Arts, as well as full knowledge of museum and/or art administration.
  • Administrative skills that encompass social media, computer literacy as well as financial literacy.



  • Computer literacy with proven competence in MS Office.  Knowledge of Logos Flow software is recommended.
  • Excellent command of both English and Afrikaans.  Being acquainted with a third language is recommended. 
  • Sound judgment and interpersonal skills. 
  • Must be able to work constructively in a group, as well as have the ability to take charge in the absence of the Art Director.
  • Good planning and decision-making abilities.



  • Experience of up to 4 years in administration and art will be required. Familiarity with museums will count in favour of applicants.



  • Have sound knowledge of art – in order to deal with visitors’ enquiries; 
  • Stay up to date regarding prices at art auctions – this has an impact on the insurance of artworks.