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Having spent 20 years in the Wine Industry, first as Marketing- and then General Manager of reputable wine producers, I have had the unique opportunity to learn and understand the practical and business workings of a wine farm. I was also fortunate enough to have been taken under the wing of a specialist wine-business auditor who has taught and guided me to implement my knowledge to set up accounting software & systems to provide Management Information relevant to running a wine business

This combination of practical and financial knowledge has given me the ability to understand, interpret and include the unique requirements of each department into systems and procedures which promote a pro-active and holistic approach.

I identified a need for these skills with producers and businesses who cannot afford (or do not want) a full-time manager / specialist and decided to offer these services on a contract / freelance basis. Since 2005, I have assisted a few wine producers with setting up their systems and procedures to maximise management information. I further assist with the compiling, analysis and interpretation of Management Information, as well as Action Plans based on these findings.

It has also become clear to me that there is a huge gap between conventional Pastel software training and the practical application of the software in a business environment, especially in specialist industries such as the Wine Industry.  

My service portfolio includes: 

  • Consulting / assisting bookkeepers with account set-up and processing in Pastel
  • Cost Analysis and proposals
  • Review of Accounting systems and set up to maximise Management Information
  • Analysis of Management Information and interpretation of results leading to proposed Strategic planning
  • Audit preparations / Pre-audit assistance
  • General accounting services
  • Business Analysis
  • Management services and operational assistance - retainer based
  • Mentoring / coaching junior managers and accounting staff
  • Wine industry specialist - admin, accounting, marketing, operational and strategic. Emphasis on review and set up of accounting systems to provide relevant information. Cost- & sales analysis, budgets and proactive planning.  
  • Generalist needs within the SME arena - focusing on the developing and implementation of policies and procedures, as well as streamlining or formalising business practices of companies which have outgrown their current structures

Although I have a few longstanding retainer clients, I had recently concluded a contract and therefore have spare capacity to pursue new projects. Interested parties can contact me via email or my mobile number.

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