Harvest Winemakers


As a renowned, global producer of over 100 products in over 100 countries, we invite young and aspiring talent into our environment, where you in turn have the perfect opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge into our workplace!


What’s in the barrel?

  • Exposure from berry to bottle, you will gather a wealth of experience of the entire business across the whole value chain.
  • Covering only one particular wine or farm, but enormous variety of cultivars across origins, you can build and cultivate yourself a solid and longstanding career as one of our proud pioneers.
  • Work with legendary wines and award winning wine makers.
  • You provide a perfect blend of:
  • A wine making qualification
  • A passion for wine making which shines through your eagerness to learn
  • Willingness to work long hours
  • Ability to use your own initiative
  • Accommodation is negotiable
  •  Please note: These positions are based in Paarl