Superb Shiraz 2015 Unlabeled 10500 - 60


This unlabeled Shiraz 2015 wine was made in a Traditional French Style. 

Slow fermented techniques were used to assure for light tannin's, complex to easy drinking and big potential to age well. Natural Fermentation took place.

Outside we had normal sprays to protect from Mildew and Powdery Mildew. Terroir has a lot of structure and texture.

WO Franschhoek.

This bottle is a 441 Burgundy Bottle sold by Consol.

Cork from Amorim (1 Plus 1 Diam Cork)

Bottled by Estate Mobile Bottling

10500 in Stock, everything needs to go.

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Reason for Selling, we need space for the new vintages!!!