The Apollo - The Egg Shaped Tank for Fermentation and Long Term Storage of Wine

Cape Town  
  • The Apollo’s characteristics are similar to that of a new barrel in terms of oxygenation permeation
  • The egg shape keeps yeast in suspension for a lovely, even fermentation 
  • Suitable for fermenting and maturing red and white wines
  • The internal surface is seamless making it hygienic and easy to clean
  • Weighs as little as 41kg and is easy to move around the cellar at any time using only a pallet jack
  • The patented lid is airtight, preventing evaporation and reducing volatile acidity
  • Made from a very high quality, food-grade polyethelene,  is BPA free and meets the very strict US FDA & European Food Safety Regulations
  • Has a 875l capacity with a height of 1270mm and diameter of 1260mm
  • Is a uniquely cost-effective option when compared with steel, wood or concrete tanks
  • Experiment with small, high quality batches, or use as a space-efficient general storage solution
  • Orders must be placed before 30 November 2018 to ensure delivery for the 2019 harvest