Sales and Marketing Trade Representation | Helderberg to Overberg region's


I'm an independent individual with more than fifteen years of extensive wine industry experience mostly in sales and marketing.

I currently have a client portfolio of maximum 6 hand-picked  wine producers. I make sure that the brands I represent are not competitive brands and also that each brand I represent is strategically place at on- and off-consumption trade according to their specific target audience. My main aim is not just to ensure that my clients experience a growth in sales volumes and trade footprint in the Helderberg to Overberg regions, but also that my clients receive optimal brand exposure and brand positioning in the market.

I have one opening to take on a new brand as of 15 January 2019 - please do not hesitate to make contact with me should you be keen to grow your brand presence in these markets.

My preferred remuneration structure is mainly commission-based with a small basic salary to cover overhead costs however this is negotiable according to each individual clients terms.