Experienced, energetic, enthusiastic senior bookkeeper/chep pallet administrator/pricing administrat - R20 000 negotiable

Friday, 4 January, 2019
Jeannette Dembitzer     0839553604

My present company, Rhodesfoodgroup, has a retirement policy of 60. However, I am energetic, enthusiastic, healthy and committed to continuing my career. I have generated the overall impression in my current workplace that my age has not negatively impacted my ability to tackle new challenges. I was recently promoted to the position of Pricing Administrator, which required me to take on an entirely new portfolio and it has been unbelievably rewarding.

Although my present portfolio does not cover bookkeeping as such, I have been keeping in touch with the principles of accounting indirectly through my daily duties. I have also kept my skills updated by doing a course through UCT Getsmarter in Basics of Financial Management, and obtained a distinction pass.

I offer skills of good time management, focus, integrity, resilience and likeability.

I am of a mature demeanor and am determined in character to offer my best to any company and position.