Free social worker services for wine farms and cellars

Wednesday, 30 January, 2019
Vinpro Foundation     021 276 0500
Western Cape  

Are you a Vinpro Producer/Cellar Member?

Does your farm or cellar have the following valid ethical accreditations;

  • WIETA, SIZA, BSCI, Fair for Life or Fair Trade?

Is your farm or cellar located in the following areas;

  • Robertson, Breedekloof, Worcester, Ashton, Paarl, Wellington, Riebeek- Kasteel, Malmesbury, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Elgin, Bot River or Hermanus?

If you have answered YES to all of these questions then SIGN UP TODAY to receive services & assistance from a qualified social worker to tackle alcohol abuse, addiction and binge drinking behaviour?

The AWARE.ORG Vinpro Foundation Wine Project has been running since 2011 and has recently expanded to include the areas listed above. The project approach was evaluated in 2018 and IT WORKS to assist people addicted to alcohol to reduce consumption or quit. The programme also to tackles the social issues related to alcohol addiction & binge drinking which include but are not limited to; domestic violence, FASD, accidents, loss of employment, abuse and misuse of SASSA cards, child abuse/ neglect etc.  

Our GOAL is to support productive livelihoods and safe communities on farms.

What does the service include  – (±40 min per session)

  • Group awareness sessions (children, teenagers, adults –employed and unemployed & the elderly)  
  • Group training
  • Individual counselling
  • Crèche/Aftercare monitoring
  • Crèche Facilitator Training  
    • All of these sessions are offered continuously over a long period of time (i.e. more than 12 months)

Who can access the services –

  • Everyone living or working on the farm/cellar (our study revealed that only ± 38% of people living on the farms are working on the farms)

 When are the services available –

  • Monday – Friday from 08:00 – 16:30

What does it cost you –

  • For the unemployed, children and elderly living on the farm – nothing
  • For the employed, all services are offered during working hours. This excludes lunch/other breaks.
    • Social Workers are flexible and schedule sessions to ensure minimal disruptions to working schedules e.g. early session 1st thing in the morning/ just after lunch.

Your concern, “I’m harvesting and so are the people on the farm, we don’t have time for this right now, come back after harvest!”.

Our response, “ We can work with the elderly, unemployed and children during this time! You complete a quick enrolment form and we take it from there”.  

Please note that the Social Workers have been contracted for limited hours per region, per month. Farms and cellars wishing to utilise the service will be allocated time in the order in which they enrol.

Get in touch! 021 276 0500 or

We are aware that we are currently not servicing all of the wine growing districts, if your area is not listed, please do get in touch so that can gauge the demand for future expansions.